Healing Field of US Flags
May 27, 2017 to May 29, 2017
9th Annual Flags of Remembrance Healing Field

Continuing a nine-year tradition, the Noon Exchange Club of Murfreesboro will host an inspiring formation of U.S. flags in tribute to our veterans, our military, and our personal heroes. The Healing Field® Flags of Remembrance will fly over The Grove at Williamson Place, 3250 Wilkinson Pike.  Those who have visited earlier Murfreesboro Healing Field® events know what to expect and will not be disappointed. Those visiting the event for the first time are in for an awe-inspiring experience. A grassy field posted with hundreds of U.S. flags presents an unforgettable panorama of red, white and blue that has earned the description “healing” as part of its name.

We invite all to visit and support the Murfreesboro Healing Field® Flags of Remembrance display. Walk with us amid the ordered rows of Old Glory where each full-sized flag waves atop an eight-foot white staff in a stirring formation. Walking amid the flags, we remember and reflect upon those who died defending our nation and way of life.


Admission: No admission charge
(615) 641-0121
Venue: The Grove at Williamson Place
3250 Wilkinson Pike
Murfreesboro, TN 37129